The first time I played my Wilbaux violin, it was immediately clear to me that it was a very special instrument.  It had a rich, powerful sound that I hadn't associated with contemporary violins before.  In the very first month after purchasing my Wilbaux, I had the good fortune to play two different duo concertos with my wife, who plays on a beautiful 1760 Nicolaus Gagliano violin.  I knew that I had made a good purchase when none of the orchestra or audience members I spoke with had noticed any significant difference in sound between the two violins!  

- Steven Zander

Violoncelle “Sirocco” par Isabelle Wilbaux.

 J’ai joué pendant quelques années un violoncelle J-B Guadagnini de 1759 et récemment fait l’achat du violoncelle “Sirocco” de Isabelle Wilbaux inspire par ce dernier. L’instrument de Wilbaux offre une sonorité hors du commun, timbrée et parfaitement balancée dans tous les registres. J’ai déjà eu le plaisir de jouer le “Sirocco” en solo a plusieurs reprises et je suis toujours très impressionnée par sa rondeur et sa puissance qui enveloppent même les plus grandes salles de concert.

amelie fradette
En plus de ses qualities sonores exceptionnelles, le “Sirocco” est visuellement tres beau. Son vernis de qualite superieure est d’une couleur riche et profonde. Avec la précision et le sens du détail dont Isabelle Wilbaux fait preuve, elle a su accomplir un produit final qui se rapproche énormement de l’authentique Italien.

Isabelle Wilbaux est une véritable artiste. J’ai assisté à pratiquement toutes les étapes de la fabrication du “Sirocco” et cela m’a permis de reconnaître sa tres grande expertise et son désir de répondre aux exigences des musiciens. Je reçois beaucoup de compliments sur le “Sirocco” et c’est toujours avec une grande fierté que je mentionne le nom d’Isabelle Wilbaux.

- Amélie Fradette

Sergiu LucaMy first encounter with a Wilbaux violin was as a judge for the VSA competition in 2006. As such it was an anonymous encounter and I picked her violin as the best sounding one of the nearly two hundred violins entered in the competition. After the competition I was fortunate to be able to acquire it and it became the first of three Wilbaux violins I now own. 

I consider Isabelle to be one of the great natural talents in violin making today. I find her instruments exceptionally attractive both visually and tonally. While each of my three violins have their individual character and are built on different models they share many qualities in common. They are all very resonant and responsive, and were so from the first day I got them. After some playing they have gained in complexity and color of sound. They are extremely powerful and even, with individual characteristics to each string. I particularly appreciate the deep G string and the brilliant silvery sound ont he E string. 

I have recommended her violins to my students and colleagues and the ones who were lucky enough to get one (since her waiting period seems to be getting longer every time we speak...) have been as enthusiastic and enamored of their Wilbauxs as I am of mine.

- Sergiu Luca

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